Azura Quilalea yacht safaris

Combine a yachting safari into the Quirimbas with amazing Azura Quilalea and irresistible Ibo Island and you cannot go wrong. Throw in a little bit of St Lazarus Banks and you have a recipe for thrills and spills!

This is the ultimate Quirimba yacht package, island to island, one wonderful experience to the next. Our private Lagoon 52 Catamaran is at our disposal and sleeps eight people in comfort and style. You can be a fishing party, a diving group or a group of friends on a mission to bond – we will look after you if you want to see Azura Quilalea from a yacht.

Starting at Ibo Island Lodge, you will spend one night in this luxurious restored mansion then sail to Quilalea Island after a hearty Ibo breakfast. We offer our guests a chance to fish off the boat as we cruise, maybe hooking something delicious for supper on Quilalea Island. This yacht package is meant for those who want to have fun without the crowds, in the sun and on the sea, constantly moving. Our island stops are meant for your added pleasure, to walk or snorkel or simply tan your legs.

Ibo Island Lodge Exterior

Our Lagoon 52 luxury yacht will anchor off shore of some of the islands but guests can feel free to spend the rest of the day trying out the various water sports and activities available, or go ashore and explore that particular island.

We like to spend a day at Mogundula Island, a small, uninhabited piece of landclose to Ibo and fringed by coral reefs and boasting rich bird life. Turtles are often found nesting on one beach there during the breeding season.

Laze away the day on the leeward side of the island in the sheltered lagoon where you can enjoy one of the best beaches in the Archipelago. Guests are welcome to explore the island. Gather around the beach fire in the evening and enjoy sundowners and a traditional African beach braai (BBQ). Soak up another spectacular sunset, for which Africa is so famous… Stay the night here.

Lagoon 52 Mozambique

The rest of the sailing expedition with Quirimba yacht safaris takes you to Medjumbe Island to take part in the resort activities there, diving and enjoying cocktails with friends. Then it is on to St Lazarus Banks in the dead of the night, getting there in time to catch the rising fish as the sun rises to light up your special day.

St Lazarus Banks is a prime offshore fishing destination, so we will spend all day fishing and diving, to your heart’s content. We like to drop anchor on St Lazarus Banks for the night and continue fishing the next morning early again.

Fishing Charters St Lazarus Banks

Ending our Quirimbas island hopping yacht safari at Ibo Island is a great way to ice the cake – watch the sunset from their sundowner terrace and enjoy a hearty dinner with your skipper and crew. Book your yacht safari package today – the ultimate way to see the Quirimbas Archipelago!