Quirimbas Archipelago Charters

Imagine a private yacht charter that weaves within the Quirimbas Archipelago, starting and ending at Ibo Island Lodge and docking along the way at remote, undeveloped islands inhabited only by the birds and the bees? Ibo Island is a melting pot of influences from Africa, the Arab region, India and Europe and one of more than 32 islands which stretch some 110 miles along the East African coast. We can take you there with our Quirimba charters, to the ultimate destination in northern Mozambique where the rich history of the islands, the white beaches, and the clear blue sea will have you wishing you could stay longer.

Your Ibo Yacht safari can also be tailor-made to become a sail and safari, a comfy blend of island hopping in the Quirimbas by luxury yacht, then later docking at a port like Pemba and heading off into the East African bushveld for a few days of game viewing and meat eating. Ibo Island Lodge has put together some awesome sail and safari packages where the lodge becomes the central point of a yacht charter – cum – wildlife safari adventure.

Ibo Island Quirimbas Archipelago

Once known as the Islands of Lazarus, the Quirimbas Archipelago is brimming with history – Arab trading posts and Portuguese trading routes dominated these seas many decades ago. The architecture on Ibo dates back to the 1500′s when forts served as military bastions and slave trading houses lined the shores.

This is your last chance to book a private yacht charter in the Quirimba’s with Ibo Island as your base – see some of the 32 islands, now known in yachting circles as the ultimate destination in Northern Mozambique. If it’s the islands, the Mozambican history and the untouched beaches you are after, look no further than Mozambique Yacht Safaris – we will take you and we will show you humble indigenous people who still live as they have been doing for centuries.

Our luxury Mozambique Yacht Safaris are ideal for between 1 to 8 guests who share four double or twin cabins. Embarking on your private Ibo yacht safari with only your guests, the professional crew and skipper, you can book our regular charters that run Saturday to Saturday for 7 nights OR you can book your choice of shorter charters – as add-ons to a safari (before or after the safari) or as part of a Mozambique holiday comprising some nights in an island resort and some on a yacht.

Safari Yacht Charters

We have a minimum charter holiday of 4 days but the good news is that there is no maximum charter length – as long as your private charter does not interfere with someone else’s established booking! Our rates include return flights between Pemba and Ibo Island Lodge. Please note that we rely on a third party to supply our yachts, therefore, the rates are subject to change…Enquire here today…