Quirimba yacht charters

Where else in Africa, or in the world for that matter, can you go find private yacht charters with irresistible package deals? The Mozambique Quirimbas Archipelago of course? And where else in Africa can you go find such incredibly affordable sail and safari packages that include island hopping, scuba diving, fishing and snorkelling? You get all of this and more with Mozambique Yacht Safaris and, to crown it all, St Lazarus Banks is waiting to be discovered!

Divers and fishermen listen up – Lazarus Banks is the most wanted destination to see awesome marine life and to catch huge game fish! Our Quirimba charters include expeditions out to this strange geological formation in the middle of the Indian Ocean far from Pemba port.

Lagoon 52 At Night

In fact, we do try to keep things closer to home and most of Mozambique Yacht Safari’s sail and safari packages are only two to three hours’ travel from airports to harbours and vice versa. This is because we offer the real thing: fly into Mozambique, transfer to your luxury yacht and set sail into the Quirimbas Archipelago to explore and experience 32 remote islands.

Dock your yacht along the East Africa coast and jump on board a hardy safari vehicle for a few days of game viewing and enjoying a luxury safari lodge! Indeed a unique opportunity not to be missed! It is so easy to get around with our luxury Mozambique yacht charters – we take you on board our Lagoon 52 Catamarans and you forget all your stresses when you sit back with an ice-cold beer.

We will steer you towards the St Lazarus Bank were fish head in their thousands during the Mantis Shrimp season from August to December every year. Shoals of game fish fight their way in to eat the fish and birds go mad on the surface of the water – everything is feasting and you too can feast on your trophy once you have brought it in! Divers can go deep at Banco St Lazarus with its extraordinary drops of up to 2 000 metres. You may see Manta Rays, various sharks, Snappers, Jacks, Green and Hawksbill Turtles, Kingfish and Humpback Dolphins and Whales in season…

Fishing Charters St Lazarus Banks

It is true then, our yacht charters in the Quirimba’s Archipelago are becoming increasingly popular and we offer you all-inclusive sail and safari packages into Northern Mozambique. There are 32 islands and Lazarus Banks waiting to be discovered! Book now to avoid disappointment.