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If you are looking for a reason to climb aboard and experience a yacht safari, then you’ve come to the right place. We not only give you one but several great reasons why you should!

Sailing the unexplored waters of the Indian Ocean can be the most romantic thing you can do for yourself. Imagine sprawling on the deck of a luxury catamaran yacht, with only you and your spouse in your own floating hotel? And of course, an attentive crew will be at your beck and call, ensuring you lack for nothing!

The Mozambique Channel is seldom sailed, particularly the country’s two remote island groups, the Quirimbas Archipelago and the Bazaruto Archipelago. Africa Yacht Charters will take you through these regions where you will occasionally find yourself sharing the waters with the local fishermen. Yours will probably the only yacht – an off the beaten track adventure at its best!

Each catamaran yacht has room enough for up to eight guests, this means you don’t have to leave those closest to you on this once in a lifetime adventure! Take your kids, take your friends, take whoever you want along and you can have an awesome party that will last as long as your safari!

Yacht safaris are not just about spending lazy days on the deck, catching the sun. They are about exploiting the many exciting activities you can find in the vast azure sea. Dive into the underwater wonderland and discover the treasures hidden below. The most pristine of coral reefs and a myriad of marine species will be your reward. Both the Quirimbas and Bazaruto boast some of the world’s best dive sites, with phenomenal drop-offs that are a delight for advanced divers. Snorkel to your heart’s content, hook big game fish and explore uninhabited islands, it’s all there for your indulgence.

Africa Yacht Charters can combine with land-based wildlife safaris in the Niassa National Reserve. These combos allow you to experience the very best of bush and beach with guaranteed sightings of both land animals and marine life.

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Matemo Island Resort ; Quirimbas Archipelago

Africa Yacht Charters offer some of the best yacht charters in Mozambique which can be verified on TripAdvisor where rave reviews and comments entice travellers to try this way of responsible travel. We offer sail and safari packages to the Bazaruto Archipelago because we are the holiday specialists so book online with us today!

The picturesque Bazaruto Archipelago is almost made for yacht charters as you can island hop and dock at luxury lodges where you can stay a few nights, try out new water sports or take an island drive. Most holidaymakers in Mozambique who are looking at our elite yacht safaris like to combine their island hopping adventures with a few days at chic island resorts where they meet local people and enjoy beach picnics.

A great family island resort is the Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa where guests on TripAdvisor have rated the accommodation and level of activities as excellent for the family. Even honeymoon couples can escape into solitary places at AnantaraBazaruto on the large Bazaruto Island where you can fish, climb huge sand dunes and play tennis after breakfast.

Africa Yacht Charters is proud to announce that we offer several adventurous sailing holidays in the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique so leave all your worries at home when we launch your yacht charter into the hugeness of the Indian Ocean, carefree at last. Read the TripAdvisor reviews and see our selection of sail and safari packages where you can combine sailing with deep sea diving, kayaking and snorkelling from the boat and from the island of choice.

We like the use of the luxury Lagoon 45 Catamaran for the Mozambique Yacht Safaris because of its stability and style. We like the sturdy quality of such yachts which are usually loaded to the hilt with all our necessities for a holiday in paradise. When you need to live on board a yacht for a week at a time you need space, manoeuvrability, luxury and comfort – this includes ideal ergonomics too.

Take a look at the rates – if you get all eight people on board, you share the cost and pay less than USD 4,000 per person but if you are a honeymoon couple travelling alone, you stand to pay more than USD 12,000 per person. We can tailor make your itinerary for you so that you get real value for your money on your unique sail and safari around Mozambique.

John H from Madrid said that his first yacht safari into Mozambique took his breath away. “I could not believe the state of the art facilities on board, the space we had to move around in and the clean cabins. My wife sat on the deck most of the time with her camera, snapping incredible shots while sipping champagne and I did my best to dive every day!”