Mozambique Yacht Safari Chartered Packages

At Mozambique we live our passion for Mozambique and its people, and this extends now into our yacht safari business. This is where we combine service excellence and professional skipper skills in a unique hands-on sailing experience – to bring you your one-stop Mozambique travel shop with a difference!

We have one super efficient management team to handle all your personal travel arrangements under one umbrella. So how does it all work? We provide you with our yacht safari itineraries which can be tailor made to suit your needs. You can be confident that you are in excellent hands. The destinations specialists at will assist you in selecting and planning your Mozambique dream holiday, to either the Bazaruto Archipelago or the Quirimbas Archipelago.

St Lazarus Banks Combo Charter

Take a sailing trip to St Lazarus Bank – the ultimate destination for fishermen and the place where Marlin are known to breed. View this incredible underwater coral outcrop or atoll that rises from the deep Mozambique Channel from your luxury yacht. You are in a paradise of playground fish!
From US$ 1710 per person

St Lazarus Dive Charter

Did you know that diving St Lazarus Banks from our Quirimbas bound yacht charters is one of the best scuba experiences you will ever have? To crown it all, you get some great value diving packages thrown in! Speak to us about diving Mozambique’s best reef system, right in the deep Mozambique Channel.
From US$ 2150 per person

St Lazarus Banks & Quirimbas

Charter a luxury catamaran to St Lazarus banks as part of your exclusive sail & safari holiday. Mozambique Yacht Safaris invite you to explore the Quirimbas on an island hopping safare where world class fishing and diving experiences are enjoyed.
From US$ 3530 per person

St Lazarus Banks Quirimbas Dive

We introduce you to a world class lodge hopping / St Lazarus Banks diving combo charter. Start at Ibo Island Lodge, place of history and Mozambican culture – shallow dives at the light house where dolphins play are hot! Explore Medjumbe, Vamizi & Metundo Canyon. You could not ask for more.
From US$ 2255 per person

St Lazarus & Metundo Canyon Dive

Getting to St Lazarus Banks is a feat. Cruise the 8 hours from your base, Ibo Island Lodge, lsland hopping around Medjumbe Island and Vamizi Island. At the Banks, try a little live-aboard fun, diving huge depths of a mysterious atoll for hours.
From US$ 2330 per person

Quirimbas Dive Charter

The impressive marine area of Quirimbas National Park includes 11 coral islands that feature phenomenal vertical drop-offs, some up to 400m. Book a private dive charter package including resort and island hopping to Ibo Island, St Lazarus Banks and Vamizi Island. From US$ 3435 per person

Fly Fishing Quirimbas

The Quirimbas Archipelago comprises 32 different tropical islands that run about 150 miles up the coastline of Northern Mozambique. With countless sand bars, sand spits and shallows, it is without doubt one of the best emerging fishing, fly-fishing and island hopping destinations in the world.
From US$ 3200 per person