Africa Dive Charters

Diving in Mozambique as an experienced diver means exploring dramatic drop-offs while beginner divers can revel in the many shallow sites. Your villa is your luxury yacht, your playground is the ocean around you. You sail above the surface of an underwater wonderland which you explore at your leisure, in your complete scuba diving kit.

Diving Charters in Zanzibar

The dive sites off the coast of Zanzibar are many, varied and suitable for all levels of experience. The most famous is Mnemba Atoll Marine Park, a reserve where fishing is banned to help stop the destruction of the reef.

Dive Charters in Bazaruto

Diving in the Bazaruto Archipelago is rated as one of the best experiences on any Mozambique holiday. Now international divers travelling to the warm Indian Ocean off Mozambique can explore one of the biggest marine conservation areas around from the deck of a luxury Liveaboard at Africa Yacht Charters. You will be in the hands of

Diving The Quirimbas

Would you like to visit the “African Caribbean” on board a fancy yacht which becomes your floating hotel for a week or so? You can do this with the click of a button.