Dive Charters in Bazaruto

Diving in the Bazaruto Archipelago is rated as one of the best experiences on any Mozambique holiday. Now international divers travelling to the warm Indian Ocean off Mozambique can explore one of the biggest marine conservation areas around from the deck of a luxury Liveaboard at Africa Yacht Charters.

You will be in the hands of expert sailors who will enhance your Mozambique holiday with yachting packages that include world-class diving in the azure seas around this string of six islands. Visit one of the most beautiful dive destinations worldwide with Africa Yacht Charters and you will find yourself exploring kilometres of still untouched dive sites, pristine beaches and coral reefs. Float around the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park as you interact with Humpback whales, Manta rays, Whale sharks and other exciting marine species. Click here to learn more about this amazing marine park.

Imagine diving these crystal clear waters with a 14 metre long fish, the world’s largest? Whale sharks seem to be inquisitive about people and are mostly seen near the surface of the water where they suck in tiny plankton and small fish. Divers know that swimming with these huge fish is safe and awe-inspiring.

Divers in Mozambique also seek out Mobula rays or Devil rays in the Bazaruto Archipelago. In this underwater paradise, some Manta rays can reach four meters across.

Both Manta and Mobula rays are also harmless and very nosy around divers, preferring to swim with them. Manta rays often surface to investigate boats without engines running and sometimes even leap completely out of the water. It is important to remember not to touch the rays as this will damage their mucous membrane, causing lesions and infections on their skin.

Divers go down to depths varying from 12 metres to 40 metres where they discover protected reefs brimming with game fish, giant lobsters, sharks, Manta and Spotted Eagle rays, Green turtles, Whale sharks and Humpback whales. Some divers will be lucky to come across the rare Dugongs swimming in shallow clear waters where plentiful starfish, anemones, seahorses and tropical fish display their colours.

So pack that diving gear and book a special yacht safari dive charter package to see this special Bazaruto Archipelago region of Mozambique in its entirety.



Yacht Fleet options : Maxim 400 | Marquise 56′ Equity | Open Ocean 750