Diving The Quirimbas

Would you like to visit the “African Caribbean” on board a fancy yacht which becomes your floating hotel for a week or so? Would you like to join Africa Yacht Charters on an all-inclusive journey into the Quirimbas Archipelago to dive, to island hop and to be part of an incredible national park in the Indian Ocean?

You can do this with the click of a button. We at Africa Yacht Charters can tailor make your sailing holiday on a Liveaboard to focus on diving and exploring the Quirimbas Archipelago’s marine magic. Float around the region for about 100km to see the coral reefs, the idyllic islands (great for picnic breakfasts and lunches) and the mind-blowing sunsets. Wake up to freshly brewed coffee and go snorkelling for hours in warm clear waters.

Your dive charter will take you into the Quirimbas National Park where you can marvel at the various turtle and dolphin species, Humpback whales in season, coral reefs and coconut palm-lined beaches. It may be a wise idea to stay a few days at Ibo Island Lodge when you take out a combo package deal and combine some sailing with some walking around this fascinating island to learn more about the region’s culture and history. Go and meet the silversmiths at the old fort and then sail into the mangrove swamps to bird watch for hours, silent and vigilant. Read more about Ibo Island right here.

But best of all, drop into the water from your yacht with the resident dive instructor who will show you some of the best diving in East Africa that you have ever experienced. It is all about giving divers the unique opportunity to dive newly-discovered sites in some of the most beautiful coral reefs in Africa – without all the crowds. Try out the lighthouse dive site off Ibo Island – dive off a long wall that covers an area of one square kilometre. Starting at seven meters deep, drift through large gardens of coral tables, soft corals, bucket corals and green tree corals.

The wall falls away to a coral bottom at 21 meters where divers are likely to see a good range of tropical fish. Highlights for most divers include angelfish, massive Napoleon wrasse, trumpet fish, damselfishes, leaf fish, praying mantis shrimp, ribbon eels and garden eels. Dolphins could be cruising around here or will be seen on the way to and from the dive site around the boat.

There are some wonderful shallow dives at the 19th-century coal steamer wreck just north of the sandbank beach off Ibo. You can sail out to Matemo and Rolas Islands near Ibo, Cocoons, and the fantastic Zala Banks at Mogundula Island on your Mozambique Yacht Safari.


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Yacht Fleet options: Maxim 400 | Marquise 56′ | Open Ocean 750