Fishing Bazaruto Archipelago

Your next holiday to Mozambique should be a fishing charter on board a luxury yacht, booked with the experts at Africa  Yacht Charters. We will sail with you into the ocean waters surrounding the Bazaruto Archipelago, part of a National Marine Park which therefore boasts a protected ecosystem brimming with a large population of marine life. Click here to read more about the Park.

Keen anglers should realize that this region also attracts an immense variety of migrating pelagic fish as they cruise past throughout the year.  With Africa Yacht Charters, you can do most of your fishing no further than six to 10 kilometres from the Mozambique mainland, within depths of five to 70 meters.

We will take you quickly and easily to these rich fishing grounds on our luxury yacht charter, making your fishing holiday that much easier and more exciting, of course!


Mozambique provides grounds for some of the best and most challenging game fishing in the world. Fishermen catch large Black and Striped Marlin regularly in the Bazaruto area, and numerous ‘Granders’ (fish weighing over a thousand pounds) are taken by boats launched from the islands.

Sailfish can be caught throughout the year – with the largest Sailfish taken so far weighing in at 55 kg. Other game fish include Groupers, Prodigal Son, Wahoo, Dorado, Giant Trevally, Yellow-fin Tuna, Barracuda, King Mackerel, Snappers and more.

The main Marlin fishing season falls between October and early March. These incredible species come in close to the shallow waters around the islands and can often be found feeding around the shoals of various species of Tuna. The average size Marlin caught is around 320kg, with numerous fish weighing in at more than 450kg being caught over the years. The all Africa record of a Marlin caught in November 1998, off the north point of Bazaruto, weighed in at 588kg!

Blue and Striped Marlin are usually spotted in the deep waters off the islands, between the months of September to January where they go to target the Yellow-fin and other Tuna shoals. Did you know that a Blue Marlin of nearly 300kg was caught and released during June 2002?


Mozambique boasts some of the finest saltwater fly fishing on the planet. This sport is popular both on the mainland and from the island beaches and is done particularly off sandbars produced by the high tidal range.

The fish species most commonly encountered in this region are Kingfish (including Giant Trevally) King and Queen Mackerel, Kawakawa and Springer. Fly fishers will also find the sought-after Bonefish in the area – in fact, the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago have a growing reputation for the world’s largest Bonefish!

Rock and surf fishing is good all year round: get out there to hook Ignoblis kingfish, big Springer, Bonefish, Stumpnose, Pompano and Barracuda all year round – along with skates, rays and sharks. The Bazaruto Archipelago is truly a light tackle angler’s paradise.


Giant Kingfish, Yellowtail, Skipjack Tuna, Blue-fin Kingfish and Brassy Kingfish, Big-eye Tuna, Long-fin Kingfish, Short-fin Kingfish, Ferdy Kingfish, Dorado, Yellow-spotted Kingfish, Bludger, Rainbow Runner, King Mackerel, Largemouth Queenfish, Needle-scaled Queenfish, African Pompano, Green Job-fish, Wahoo, Kawakawa or Little Eastern Tuna, Queen Mackerel, Yellow-fin Tuna, Pick-handle Barracuda, Great Barracuda and Bonefish.

Catch that big one when you book your fishing charter with Mozambique Yacht Safaris today.



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