Fishing at Lazarus Banks

The only place to go fishing in Mozambique, if you ask the experts, is St Lazarus Banks. Fisherman hankers after “the legendary Banco St Lazarus”. Here you will find a combination of very shallow and very deep water, thanks to the geological design of this unusual atoll. This is your opportunity to reel in a mighty Giant Trevally, Dogtooth tuna or Marlin – which breed here.


Mozambique Yacht Safaris have the right yacht for the keen angler – you! We offer the best fishing gear in the world and we promise you top of the range service and accommodation. Join us to make lasting fishing memories when you book a unique fishing charter to the Banks. Add on a few nights of luxury at the award-winning Ibo Island Lodge where our boat is based.


When you get to St Lazarus Banks after an 8-hour yacht cruise, you are ready to take on the big game fish that play there. Discover what appears to be an underwater mountain rising from within the deep Mozambique Channel, northeast of Pemba. Look out for Barracuda, Dorado, Sailfish, Yellowfin tuna, Giant and Black Kingfish and plenty more like these.

You are entering a famous biodiversity hotspot and all fishing is done on a strict catch and release policy. Plan your fishing package with Mozambique Yacht Safaris for August through to December when the Mantis Shrimp mate and the ocean is a turmoil of feeding fish of all species.

We know that during the 10-year history of charters to St Lazarus Bank, clients have been catching on average 70 fish per day! And on the roughest days, they still get to land 20 fish, based on an average of 5 anglers fishing together.


The Quirimbas Archipelago is an all-year-round fishing destination – include an island hopping excursion as part of your private fishing charter to break the monotony of casting and reeling day in and day out!

Fly fishing fanatics will be pleased to hear that our super Fly Bridge Power Cat is escorted by two 18foot centre console fully rigged fishing motor boats. You will better your personal catch record when you dig into these vessels’ supplies:  state of the art trolling, jigging and spinning/popping rods and reels plus an all-inclusive range of terminal tackle and lures. Bring your own gear if it brings you good luck!


Yacht Fleet options : Maxim 400 | Lagoon 450 | Open Ocean 750